Sunday, 14 August 2016

Writing Anonymously?

Not what you think. I don't mean writing without telling you who I am. No, in this age of open publishing, does anyone actually know what I'm writing and where I'm writing?

You might be reading my blog updates on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or you might see my Instagram referral to the post - same image as this header. Without those little clues gratuitous plugs, would you look on my blog to see the latest post? Do you use a blog feed? Networked Blogs?

I ask because we all know how the Internet has moved on and blogs have been left behind. I have friends who blog often, yet I seldom look. I don't comment often, unless I see a Facebook post, Tweet, Google+ post or Instagram mention. I vary in my visits to my RSS feed reader of choice. I simply don't take this as seriously as I used to before I got a smart phone. Now it is all-too-easy to grab a quick work or image snack.

So, if I am not the exception - certainly I am not - then why would you go out of your way to find my blog articles? Aren't we all evolving into givers and takers of quick-snap sentences of shared thought and experience? Is that such a bad thing? After all, to promote a novel, a CD, an event, a film, an image, a political belief, anything on earth, the fastest methods are the most successful.

If I am right - I think I know I am - then this blog is defunct and I am wasting my time with it. And that is a good thing. A very good thing. Without feeling I should be blogging about writing or crafting, I can get on with writing and crafting. I am not a published author. I am not changing the world with clever design. I don't want to run a business.

So, until furthermore notice, let's not pretend anyone wants my dilemmas or other words delivered on a spasmodic basis. I can write more and make more. Live. That sounds rather inviting. I don't mind if I do, thank you.

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Ideas about Writing (that others had before me)

Write Every Day

I say: Try as I might, even with a blog that has the word 'daily' in it, I fail. If failure is the right word...

Others say: Write Every Day (search results)

Write What You Know

I say: Unless I'm writing semi-autobiographically or a non-fiction piece, this would limit my content. I love writing something that needs lots of research first. 
Then, when the skeleton of my story is ready for flesh, I can put myself into the scenes because the way I write as well as what I write has to come from what I know.

Others say: Write What You Know (search results)

Write What You Want to Read

I say: Received wisdom dictates I don't want to create fiction that alienates me as a reader. Yet, my best practice pieces have been in response to a prompt or lesson that requests a different genre or topic. When I read such pieces days, weeks, later I'm amazed! Was that really me?

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Find Your Best Time to Write

I say: I'm neither disciplined nor well enough for such wise routine. I have to write when I feel like it.
Except when I catch myself out - such as now! I made myself think of a theme and get it written. The best reason I know for having a blog is being made to write for it.

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Make Time for Artist Dates

I say: Having read The Artist's Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity by Julia Cameron many years ago, and having referred to it many times since, the idea of making time to feed my creative self has born fruit. 
My Artist Dates consist of: reading, watching films, staring out of the window at the garden, being physically creative with paper and yarn...these simple home-based activities serve me well.
For dates beyond my front door, I am reliant on others. Though I may be housebound in body, yet I travel widely in my mind.

Julia says: Artist's Dates (search results)

Monday, 6 June 2016

Book Review: Me Without You by Kelly Rimmer

I'd just uploaded a new Amazon Review.

5.0 out of 5 stars Without tops Before6 Jun. 2016

This review is from: Me Without You (Kindle Edition)
You may be aware of the current film of another Me blank You title. I've read both and enjoyed this one most.

I am able to press home the message behind this story. The prevailing situation ~ the theme ~ is affecting a friend of mine. Some misfortunes get the headlines; this one needs more attention. This novel will help.

Kelly Rimmer has researched a gripping love story that kept me tapping the pages through the night and this morning. It's a slow burner but the build up to The Issue deepens the relationship between Lilah and Callum. Stick with them; this story does not disappoint.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Maximum ZZZeds

Oh, I've been waiting for you ... 

... my ultimate alliterative title in a long-standing and quasi serious but always tedious series! Here we are, at last. Guides' honour, I will never invent a tenuously linked theme or series again.

What Now?

You weren't expecting a journalistic exposé on the theme of ZZZeds, maximum or minimum, were you? Apart from the benefit of good sleep, honey bees and any Zedekiahs we may know, I have nothing more to say.

What Next?

I want to get back to basics; my blog title. This was meant to be the place where I
  • show up
  • free write
  • ponder
  • brainstorm
  • discuss
  • explain
  • invent
  • review
  • suggest
  • guide
  • invite
  • maybe, even, teach
  • certainly reach

so that a potential readership may be
  • entertained
  • provoked
  • challenged
  • offered ideas
  • given exercises
  • led to write

Further Thoughts

I've just looked back at the first post on this blog, The Inaugural Admission*, written in October 2013. I have had a medical mayhem of a journey since then so no wonder I've been going around in circles. Now, the underlying message is I want to refocus on the world of writing, writers and the written word.

Crafting with paper and yarn are my hobbies. I admire any crafter who becomes a designer, demonstrator, teacher or, indeed, writer. It's clearly not for me. Pop over to my Instagram account for updates about my texturally creative pastimes.

*Ah, you may say, the first post was alliteratively A ... it was indeed. Would you take another look at Abandoned Already? May history not repeat itself - yet again.