Sunday, 8 January 2017

Back to the Future

Let's take a look at my daily life since the previous post. We had to cope with:

● ongoing recovery from previous surgeries
● decision to move to an extra care flat to assist me to live safely in our lovely, accessible  flat with a caring community in the building. We came here 8 weeks ago and it's been full on!
● indecision with regard my writing/crafting/blogging life
● recently I read the latest post on the blog Crafts from the Cwtch entitled
Listening to the Whispers in which Sarah explains her own strategy for recognising change.

For me to continue blogging I MUST:

● write daily
● read (other blogs) often AND leave comments
● use my feedly updates
● take part in other social media to mingle/plug/mix

And the last point is where I'm stuck. I do visit soc med outlets regularly but I struggle to keep at it all enough to:

● increase my followers
● create meaningful 2-way dialogue with other bloggers/readers
● take it all seriously enough

Maybe my previous post still reigns supreme. I'll take longer to listen to the whispers, find my vision for 2017. Christmas has left me coping (also) with an MS flare-up when all I can do is read/think/tap this post out on my phone. Exhausting!

I'll be right back. Meanwhile, Happy New Year to you - please leave a comment below.

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Writing Anonymously?

Not what you think. I don't mean writing without telling you who I am. No, in this age of open publishing, does anyone actually know what I'm writing and where I'm writing?

You might be reading my blog updates on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or you might see my Instagram referral to the post - same image as this header. Without those little clues gratuitous plugs, would you look on my blog to see the latest post? Do you use a blog feed? Networked Blogs?

I ask because we all know how the Internet has moved on and blogs have been left behind. I have friends who blog often, yet I seldom look. I don't comment often, unless I see a Facebook post, Tweet, Google+ post or Instagram mention. I vary in my visits to my RSS feed reader of choice. I simply don't take this as seriously as I used to before I got a smart phone. Now it is all-too-easy to grab a quick work or image snack.

So, if I am not the exception - certainly I am not - then why would you go out of your way to find my blog articles? Aren't we all evolving into givers and takers of quick-snap sentences of shared thought and experience? Is that such a bad thing? After all, to promote a novel, a CD, an event, a film, an image, a political belief, anything on earth, the fastest methods are the most successful.

If I am right - I think I know I am - then this blog is defunct and I am wasting my time with it. And that is a good thing. A very good thing. Without feeling I should be blogging about writing or crafting, I can get on with writing and crafting. I am not a published author. I am not changing the world with clever design. I don't want to run a business.

So, until furthermore notice, let's not pretend anyone wants my dilemmas or other words delivered on a spasmodic basis. I can write more and make more. Live. That sounds rather inviting. I don't mind if I do, thank you.