The Inaugural Admission

Blogs, I've had a few 

...too many to mention. But only one remains in view ShirleyDavisCrafts (and even that blog has had many facelifts). The latest post tells you the crafter in me is having a sabbatical.

True. I am having a break


from crafting publicly and from writing about it. The purpose of this break is to allow time for the writing I love.

How it all began

At the beginning of infant school, we made patterns with a wax crayon in a big sugar paper book ( handmade for each pupil by the teacher). I tried to keep a straight line, to copy exactly the pattern on the blackboard at the front of the classroom.



Once the practicalities were in place, my lifelong love of writing began. I wrote stories in little books at home and, later, I loved to make notes for history, geography and science, and to draw the necessary diagrams and maps. Indeed, my memories of those pages outlives the books themselves as they went to landfill heaven many years ago.

Back to my admission

I've had blogs about writing itself, about a little lamb called Lola, about my crafting life and, at one point, I bemoaned my state of health. All now wiped from the screen in front of you, irretrievable, cosmic dust floating in the voids of space and time.

So, what are we doing here?

Having a readership, an audience with a reader, any kind of contact with reality, gives the writer a reason to sit down and convey a message. While I am having a sabbatical from crafting online, I am continuing with a novel I began many years ago. It has had a facelift and lives in me, itching to get out. By having this blog, I have an exercise pad where I can practise, think and connect with other writes.

No tweaking allowed

My previous blogs suffered the fate of being overworked. The creative spirit fiddled with style and appearance more liberally than it created content. This time will be different.


  1. Glad to see you back writing, Shirley. I look forward to dropping in often.

  2. Good luck on your continued writing journey Shirley. Hope that this blog helps you to form, play, experiment and polish to get those stories into the world.

  3. Go girl!

    Let's see that novel out there!


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