Knowing contains the word 'no'...

Why is this significant to me as a writer`/crafter/person with MS?

It's as easy as ...


The need does not equal the call ...
This was once explained to me by a wise lady. At the time, I was dithering over the need for a leader in a group. I needed to know whether it meant that I should step up to the committee room despite being a young mum with ill-health. In my head, I could do it; in reality, I needed to think hard. I opted for 'no', and it was the right decision then.
What about now? How do I know what is right?


Life is too short to be treated as a rehearsal ...

This became abundantly obvious last year. It takes a brush with death to highlight the importance of taking opportunities when they are presented, provided the maxim above in One is applied. If the answer is 'yes', I can go for it.


Take each day one at a time ...

I do. As someone with Multiple Sclerosis, I am used to the vagaries of numbness; pain; total fatigue; & walking like a drunk (I never drink alcohol - too many tablets).
I also have the cognitive function of a morning after the night before, and the short-term memory of a gnat. That was a brief list of signs & symptoms.

I wake each day and ascertain what events are planned. My husband may be home; my PA (carer) might be expected soon so I can bathe and do whatever it is we are going to do, or not, if my MonSter is dictating the agenda.

Other days, I use my free time like a teenager on a skateboard - across to the park at full pelt, keeping other pavement/road users in my periphery vision, and not stopping for anyone.

This past week, I have:

  • completed two (small) craft projects 
  • planned several more
  • attended TWO local health-provision events, meeting new people there (a bonus)
  • bought craft goodies online
  • written this post (a cinch, but still an achievement)
  • rested & slept really well
  • eaten too well

Last week, I:
  • did NOTHING because my MS symptoms were just too much

It pays to be knowing ...

Who knows what tomorrow will bring (a long lie-in, I hope)

Jolly Japes with Journalling

Not me - the others! There are many online folk who journal for the sake of writing and art journal for the sake of art, and loads who do both for the sake of it, full stop.

I Tend to Write Comments on Blogs 

that go further than saying the minimum.

Let's take a look at something I've written today:

In her excellent piece Love Yourself As You Are: A Weight Loss Story by digital Diane Rooney, a graphic designer, artist & aspiring writer, who runs her own UK-based design business.
"Hi Diane. I was one of those people who emailed you. I loved your video and you made me see me in you. Read that back slowly. I could see we were alike physically as well as having similar life stories and it meant a great deal. You utterly inspired me. So much so that I made my own DVD application to B-School, but pulled out when I realised I could not raise the funds. 
Since then I have (as you know) been seriously ill and unable to craft for well over six months. I am now, just about, concentrating on my writing, and also card making for current clients.
Weight? I lost a lot while ill, it fell off. Then it has returned a little (not all of it) during winter. For me, portion control is key and that means my chef (hubby) also has to get back into thinking Smaller for Shirl.
I will never be thin or active (MS) but I know what feels good for me. And that, I think, is what you've just written about here.
Another by-product of illness was losing my hair through chronic anaemia. I now have it cut short and adore it! Always did - only grew it to catch a chap! You may laugh. I laugh at me all the time!"

It was good to write that as I realised I'd made the video this time last year, a few months before the Summer of Horrors enveloped me.

If You Fancy Art-Journalling

follow artist, crafter & blogger, Kim Dellow, also UK-based. This year, Kim has started a series, Art Journal Sharing Thursday on her excellent website, Kim Dellow.

I made an art journal many moons ago and even used it for a while. Nowadays, I spend a lot of too much time tweeting and fbing and staring into space. I need to follow the examples of these two busy creative women. I need to have the energy but fatigue lives up to its name.

Last Thing - Did You Know?

To find me online, just go to One day, I'll get the addresses back into the address window but whether you go for the this one or, you'll find me.

Very Last Thing

Of late, I tend to write huge blog posts infrequently rather than shorter ones often.

That's me.

For now.