Obvious Orchestration


What will I come up with next! As in titles ... It had to be 'O' and it had to serve a purpose, as you will see.

Orchestration ...

I am out of habit with regard writing letters to the press. At one time, I was prolific with many to the local paper and quite a few to the nationals. The gratifying thing was that whatever I wrote about was published. I lived in Swindon then; now, in Bristol, I have taken up the pen again. To the Editor.

I make no apology for my politics for they are born of experience, older, newer and immediate. Being disabled under this current regime is not much fun (Late Into Labour). Enough written about that - for now.

My Inaugural Bristol Post Letter 

I have just found that my letter, written to the Bristol Post as an email on 14th April, was published today. Sadly, we failed to buy that issue - isn't it always the way? - but I've been looking online every day ... as you do.

The topic I wrote about is dear to all our hearts - how much is your shopping costing these days? In Kingswood, Bristol, South Glos, this matters even more because those who work are not all paid the Living Wage. They get the Minimum Wage but that is £1.34 an hour adrift from the LW.

The Text

Copied from my original, read the letter please, and comment below.

Like many of your readers, I was shocked to learn that, according to findings by the TUC, Kingswood is "the worst black spot in the country for people who earn the lowest wages ... 48 per cent [of workers] earn less than the Living Wage". Fair Pay Fortnight has just ended; the struggle for many families shows no sign of ending.
In Kingswood, Labour's parliamentary candidate, Jo McCarron, and her supporters have been talking to thousands of constituents. They found that for more 80 per cent of people the rising cost of living is a serious concern. My allegiance to Jo's campaign stems from similar concerns. The size of our supermarket bill is increasing while the actual amount of the shopping we bring home is decreasing. People struggle to buy enough food and household goods, having already cut down on many 'luxury' items, and they no longer find it possible to save for treats or a rainy day. Doing the right thing under Cameron’s government has become a burden to many citizens. 
The point is many Kingswood people are in work but still struggling while Chris Skidmore seems obsessed with organising job fairs in his constituency. It is right that unemployed or underemployed people are helped to find jobs but they need to be fair-paying ones. Employers such as South Gloucestershire Council can, and do, set an example by voluntarily paying the Living Wage. Job fairs are not enough. 
In November 2013, a press release by the Labour Party announced, "firms which sign up to paying the Living Wage at the start of the Parliament will benefit from a 12-month tax rebate of up to £1,000 – and an average of £445 – for every low paid worker who gets a pay rise". This needs to happen after May 2015. 
This is a vital issue. The MP for Kingswood needs to give some answers to our questions together with a commitment to engage with local employers with regard the Living Wage.

Thank You

My parents taught me to say Thanks for having me so, Thanks for reading this. Now I'll just email the Editor with my Thanks for publishing my letter, and my work is done. For now.

Note: For more information about the Labour parliamentary candidate for Kingswood , please see Jo McCarron

Naughty Nutrition...

...otherwise known as huge gooey muffins brought here by my good friend Liz Hinds.

Liz had to be in a town near me today. She didn't undertake to visit me too, I understood and that was that.

Then, as I prepared my highly interesting crackers, cheese, soup-in-a-mug, and apple, I spotted a lady approaching my home. I hadn't seen her for about 5 years but I knew it was Liz right away.

Liz is a slender lady; I am not. So if I crushed any of her ribs when I hugged her more than once - I was pleased, very pleased, to see her again - then I hope I'm forgiven. As my dear Gran once said (when I knocked her spectacles flying upon being told my little sister had been born, "It is just angel's wings".

We had the cakes (instead of my lunch), talked lots and will be able to do it again next week when hubby and I call in to see her on our way back from deepest welsh Wales.

Meanwhile, have I been writing? Nope. Crafting? A little - enough to plan out a project. Adminning? (Yes, I know the word is administrating but it is too grand a term for the bits & pieces I have to do). Nope. Only editing one piece of paper to make this year's version. And much downloading of newsletters, course materials (for PAs, as in carers - but much better than that) & the occasional document or email, tweeting and f'bing. The only thing I've done little of are those I care for most. Writing and crafting.

I have watched some TV only to fall asleep. I have read only to drop my Kindle into the bed or onto the carpet. (No damage that I kow of Basically, I am still having a MS episode. But Liz thought I looked well. That's the thing with hidden illnesses. Sometimes they can be disguised when a really nice thing happens.

Thanks so much Liz! xx