Perfect Purpose

The Plan

A long time ago, I realised that my brain has two halves - just like yours - and two purposes, one to each half - just like yours. I wish I could find the piece of original writing on this topic but, long ago, I consigned it to the place where online prose goes when you kill a blog. Oh yes, I've had a few ...

The plan for someone with Multiple Sclerosis is to recognise the two halves of the brain and use them alternately.

I don't mean, 

'today I'll switch on my right side and see what I can make at the craft table' or 

'today it is the turn of my left side so let's write'. 

Change the syntax - 

'today I will make things' or

'today I will write'. 

By recognising the fragility of my brain cells, synapses and all-the-other-workings that MS can zap as the years proceed, I can practise what each half does one day and give it rest and recuperation on another. Surely, this is so ...

If Only It Were That Simple

Mood, general health and will-power all collude to decide what I will feel like doing each day. Exercising freedom of choice can put feelings in their place - 

'Today I don't feel very artistic but if I sit at the craft table and make just one card/draw one new SquirlDoodle, I will have helped my right brain out'. 

'Tomorrow I will write a blog post about the experience and the following week, I will get on with my novel/that short story competition I found last week'.

Fear Has Feelings: Faith Has Function

In faith, I will pursue my writing life because 'I have to', while sometimes making craft items as a hobby that gives me pleasure.

Why Have a New Writing Focus - Again?

Because I announced on Twitter today:

I have won a set of @WritingMaps author @Shaun_Levin via the great writing magazine for women @Mslexia - thank you everybody - they're great

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