Realistic Realities

Note: Readers of my last post will be ecstatically relieved to learn this is going to be a positive one! If you didn't read Questionable Queries when it was published too long ago, best do so now.

Realistic Revisited

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It only takes a day or two of sketchy schedules in the charge of Fate or Others, for me to be knocked off-balance, rudderless and lacking any sense of realisticity (I made it up).

When you have MS and you love two pastimes, Writing (you are here) and Crafting (see it there; opens in new tab or window), being flexible has to be organised. 

It is no good getting het up about 'all the cards' I must make and then fretting because I haven't 'written a word' for weeks. The novel doesn't grow on trees; the cards don't get made by elves. It is necessary to keep a diary, and an eye on the rollerball nib or the trusty pokey tool. (that last one is exclusive to crafters - you may ask me).

I've used this lovely Sunday 

Realities Reborn

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All this information is now stored on my Google Calendar - the one that's dedicated to my Card & Writing Schedule (don't go searching; it is kept private) - and in my brand new lever arch Writing File (storing all kinds of printed information and my past efforts) and my rather large zipped leather writing case (with notepads and ongoing work).
my own notebooks, used and waiting

What prompted all this activity (apart from self-inflicted guilt) was a post, Practically Perfect, on Su Bristow's blog. (I came across Su Bristow because she won last year's Exeter Novel Prize).

That's another two competitions noted in one pause on the net's thread-weaving journey, which continued until I suddenly needed to write.

So here I am. Blogging. That is writing, isn't it? Oh, you say it is procrastination? Please don't take me back to the last post...

And the best bit about all this? I do love a new file, or two. And, Su, I will use my pristine notebooks...

Footnote: lots of links but no product incentives, I promise.

Questionable Queries?

Running Commentaries
I recall being told, many years ago, that it is impossible to think about nothing. Even if you get close, what you are doing is thinking about thinking about nothing. So, you aren't, are you?

I have a permanent voice in my head. It is my own Voice and there is nothing amiss. I believe it normal to have a running commentary inside me. In fact, it is essential for me - without it, I might launch myself out of our patio doors and forget the concrete step that awaits my careful negotiation. 

Last week, I did just that and landed with my hands resting on the patio chair that was thoughtfully placed (ie no one planned it) in my way. I shook, I nearly cried. And The Voice said: "you could have cracked your skull on the patio stones if you'd fallen"..."could have", it said. A leading remark, if ever I heard one.

I did not have a nasty accident; I was not hurt at all, but The Voice would not shut up. Living with a physical debility is bad enough without my Own Self reminding me every five seconds that I am in mortal danger from the actions and reactions of my Own Body.


Before we abandon this fascinating subject, I have one more thought to share and to leave you to explore. Having that nagging, doubting voice in your head is also called overthinking, according to my psychology-fascinated friend. After this, we'll get more positive.

Enjoy the links:

If you are really into this topic, you can look up overthinking disorder, although I wouldn't recommend it.

Creative Mind = Peace of Mind

So, what can I do about The Voice? I can make up my mind to stop listening to the negative speeches and tune into the positive ones. Desist Destruction - make way for Creative Construction. That's what!
From this day forth, I would like The Voice to know it has a new raison d'ĂȘtreIts new role is to think creatively for my good, as in, to enable my creativity to have direction, to be active day and night in the quest for story lines, sketching subjects and plain silly play topics.

I will no longer be subjected to this barrage of Questionable Queries. It is time for Quantifiable Questions.

Follow the latter link and you'll go round and round in circles, just like I used to do. Or is that, around and around... like I refuse to do?

Try to click on the bold typed words and you'll find they lead to nothing because I am no longer thinking about thinking. Nor should you.