Sloped Sofa Scribbling

I have to say Hello first of all. Whether you are reading this post on the blog, via Google+, on Facebook, or through a tweet, thank you for sticking with me.

In my absence, I've not been idle although I have been poorly. The good thing is, I have many reasons to be cheerful.

Sofa Scribbling?

I have not reinvented any writing implements nor have I bought a graphite infused settee. I do have a new (last year) laptop. However, I soon realised that simply placing this clever machine on my lap did not make writing instantly easy.

My old PC kept me pinned to my office desk. The wireless keyboard had two little fold-down feet that raised the keys to hand level. It was indispensable.

After a short time, I wanted my slope back. I returned the laptop to my writing desk and needed my slope even more because it has no in-built facility for making it higher at the back. What to do!

Sloped at Last

Researching the Internet revealed slopes that were actually fan coolers. I didn't want noise or draughts. 

Then I discovered the IKEA Brada was just the thing! (I paid a little more and bought mine via their Amazon marketplace).

So now I am typing this post in comfort, ease and style. All because I found a slope.

Scribbling What?

I've been away from this blog for a long time (as you will see here). Most of the time has been spent reading and crafting. I am learning to crochet having been a knitter most of my life. To learn more about the spatially creative side of my brain, see Shirley Davis Crafts.

My writing has been limited to shopping lists, quizzes and crosswords. There's been some private journalling - I never understand what is happening to me and around me unless I discuss matters with a trusted friend or write my thoughts and feelings down. 

Most of this writing will never be read as I'm sure my family will burn the notebooks when I no longer need them! What is a creative nugget for one is a stone in the shoe for another.

It is now, three weeks before more surgery, that I have returned to my creative writing. There's a couple of competitions to enter and the novel word count is increasing.

All because of a laptop slope!