eXpecting eXcellence

I know - naff title but we've reached X on my alliterative writing journey. Here we go...

eXcellence for me?

You know eXactly what this means - literally and for your own life. What does it mean for me? In terms of my writing life, although one thing tends to lead to another, if I am settled in my writing life, my personal life benefits. However, if I am unsettled in my personal life - health, relationships, daft daily dilemmas - I have to make myself write, knowing that the benefits far outweigh the effort I make. With any hobby or calling, there will be some sacrifice, a sense of duty to the craft. Not wanting to get out of bed does not write a novel. Unless you take writing devices with you. This is not conducive to good sleep. 

It has to be a fab-u-lous brainwave to get me out of slumber and into note-taking role. 

So, back to eXcellence. Put simply, if I write as well as I can, feel a high from rereading my work, knowing it is the best AND receive some kind of third-party feedback, then I KNOW my work has eXcellence running through it, like a silver thread weaving through a woollen tapestry. 

I may (do) need to return again and again to my prose, editing and fine-tuning the grammar, syntax, style, sense, and many other details. But I am content when I know there is that rich thread running through, sparkling on the front of my work and neat at the back. No loose ends, no tangles, no unfinished pieces of thread.

Most of the time, I settle for my own perspective on my work because feedback is not always available. Look at this blog; it is sadly lacking in comments

[Note to self: reopen Google+ page & be more diligent across other social media.]
Having recently changed my blogging focus from craft to writing, many contacts may lose interest because they do not share this quest for eXcellence in the written word,

this photograph (taken by Pete Davis) is a barn
in a rural landscape, made into a greetings card by me:
it represents the crossover point of my focus
 - card to barn (the latter is the theme of my novel)

eXcellence for you?

Many of my contacts are family members, friends and online buddies from sport, writing, papercafting, yarncrafting and many other interest groups. 

What particular form of eXcellence are you reaching for?

Whether you are a writer, potter, artist, crafter, knitter, needlecrafter, photographer, gardener, cook, baker or candlestick maker

  • have you had success in your field?
  • is there something you need to study?
  • are there fellow travellers in your interest group who can critique your achievements, provide the feedback that leads to eXcellence? 


  1. A good reminder for me - again! - Shirley! Not been finding the time we talked about. Or perhaps not making it.

    I have very few comments on my blog even though there seem to be more readers. How to encourage them to comment that's the question.

    1. I have meant to get in touch but, in truth, we've been busy making plans with the family. YOU shifted my focus in that direction; YOU are my inspiration in not being a self-centred Mum. The challenge for balance is on, Liz - equal family/friends/marriage v our own selves (be true).
      Love, Me x


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