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Ys At Last

I'm nearly through the alphabet in my non-daily dilemmas, albeit at infrequent and fragmentary intervals.  With a new-found wisdom about Y I love writing online and Y I love connecting with like-minded bloggers, posters and writers on the web, I've taken the example of those I admire and privately pledged to write a LOT more blog posts.

Y #1

Liz Hinds
from her own profile
In the early days of my online presence, (1998 onwards), I found a new friend easily - Liz Hinds who blogs at Finding Life Hard - when we virtually pitched up at an early writers' website. We've met several times and always know how to help each other when the need arises.

However, to my shame, while Liz has continued with the same blog, I've had several - children's books, book reviewing, writing, Multiple Sclerosis, cardmaking, my own thoughts...and on & on.

Something has to change.

business graphic

Y #2

Move swiftly on from 1998 and I've made a new online connection through my growing love of crochet. Heather of The Patchwork Heart shares several similarities with me:

  • we are/were both teachers
  • we are both battling ill-health
  • we are both creative souls
  • we are/have both made small online businesses - mine is now mothballed, Heather's is taking on a new lease of life as she can devote more time and energy to the necessary administrative tasks that are required to make, promote and sell handmade items online.
  • this piece sums up Heather's new life with colour and crochet.
  • we both communicate through the written word via blogs and other social media including our Instagram feeds. I'm sdcrafter and Heather is thepatchworkheart.

Y #3

  • Y have I not stayed with one online project and watched it grow exponentially at its and my own rates?
  • Y do I falter every time I'm ill (many-a-time) or whenever I think I have a better idea?
  • Y don't I simply turn up at the keyboard day-to-day and write a new Daily Dilemma or Other Words?


  • it is all very well being Ys at last, but how many times have I had an epiphany of new thought and promised practice only to drop the project at the first hurdle of health hindrance, be it Multiple Sclerosis or the next major surgery? (no more please!)
  • what is different now? Y am I more confident that I can write my blog more regularly and engage with other bloggers more often?
    - Life is changing in the Davis Den. We are moving onto a place where I'll have onsite care 24/7 through the provisions of a retired (and wonderful) husband and the resident care team.
    - We will still live an independent lifestyle behind our own front door but the security of the building and the care will allow me to enjoy my hobbies more.
    - Writing and crafting are my main hobbies, closely coupled with reading. Each has its place in my ability to live with MS, to switch gear, to take time out from the daily humdrum.
    - And to enjoy my husband's retirement with him.
The proof will be in the number of blog posts and the statistics behind the writing.

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