Maximum ZZZeds

Oh, I've been waiting for you ... 

... my ultimate alliterative title in a long-standing and quasi serious but always tedious series! Here we are, at last. Guides' honour, I will never invent a tenuously linked theme or series again.

What Now?

You weren't expecting a journalistic exposé on the theme of ZZZeds, maximum or minimum, were you? Apart from the benefit of good sleep, honey bees and any Zedekiahs we may know, I have nothing more to say.

What Next?

I want to get back to basics; my blog title. This was meant to be the place where I
  • show up
  • free write
  • ponder
  • brainstorm
  • discuss
  • explain
  • invent
  • review
  • suggest
  • guide
  • invite
  • maybe, even, teach
  • certainly reach

so that a potential readership may be
  • entertained
  • provoked
  • challenged
  • offered ideas
  • given exercises
  • led to write

Further Thoughts

I've just looked back at the first post on this blog, The Inaugural Admission*, written in October 2013. I have had a medical mayhem of a journey since then so no wonder I've been going around in circles. Now, the underlying message is I want to refocus on the world of writing, writers and the written word.

Crafting with paper and yarn are my hobbies. I admire any crafter who becomes a designer, demonstrator, teacher or, indeed, writer. It's clearly not for me. Pop over to my Instagram account for updates about my texturally creative pastimes.

*Ah, you may say, the first post was alliteratively A ... it was indeed. Would you take another look at Abandoned Already? May history not repeat itself - yet again.

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