Ideas about Writing (that others had before me)

Write Every Day

I say: Try as I might, even with a blog that has the word 'daily' in it, I fail. If failure is the right word...

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Write What You Know

I say: Unless I'm writing semi-autobiographically or a non-fiction piece, this would limit my content. I love writing something that needs lots of research first. 
Then, when the skeleton of my story is ready for flesh, I can put myself into the scenes because the way I write as well as what I write has to come from what I know.

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Write What You Want to Read

I say: Received wisdom dictates I don't want to create fiction that alienates me as a reader. Yet, my best practice pieces have been in response to a prompt or lesson that requests a different genre or topic. When I read such pieces days, weeks, later I'm amazed! Was that really me?

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Find Your Best Time to Write

I say: I'm neither disciplined nor well enough for such wise routine. I have to write when I feel like it.
Except when I catch myself out - such as now! I made myself think of a theme and get it written. The best reason I know for having a blog is being made to write for it.

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Make Time for Artist Dates

I say: Having read The Artist's Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity by Julia Cameron many years ago, and having referred to it many times since, the idea of making time to feed my creative self has born fruit. 
My Artist Dates consist of: reading, watching films, staring out of the window at the garden, being physically creative with paper and yarn...these simple home-based activities serve me well.
For dates beyond my front door, I am reliant on others. Though I may be housebound in body, yet I travel widely in my mind.

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  1. Great article, really enjoyed hearing what you have to say. I can relate to having no choice but to do it when your able as setting a specific time/day often doesn't work well if your ill. I think for us it's more important to focus on when we can :) and to enjoy those times. I also agree it's important to make time to allow yourself to be creative and like you I do that to my best ability. It's amazing how making sure you have time for yourself really can make a difference.

    I really want to write on my blog more and your article today has helped me realise just how important it is to me and that within my health limits I should make sure I find time to do so. Hope I'm making sense here :) anyway was lovely to read what you wrote today and I'm glad you were able to do so as I know from experience even when you set your mind to doing it that health can make it a challenge to achieve.

    Take care, Rosie x

    1. Thank you for this reply, Rosie- it means a great deal to me that I've written something useful to you. As such a prolific and accomplished crafter and blogger, I'm amazed you found my words useful, but gratified you have. Keep writing...😊🛏xx


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